VMware NSX-T 2.4 Released – What’s New?

As of Feb 28th 2019, NSX-T 2.4 is officially out!  VMware’s messaging is that for a greenfield deployment, you should look at NSX-T and not v. With NSX-T now, we have feature parity (and more) than the v version, so from my 10,000 feet view and understanding, there should be no or very little reason to want to roll with NSX-v for greenfield deployments. Another point to highlight is NSX licenses are universal. Your NSX Data center licenses entitles you to both NSX-T and NSX-v, however the same license cannot be used for both platforms at the same time.

Some of the highlights of the 2.4 release are listed below:

  • Policy Management
    • Simplified UI with rich visualizations
    • Declarative Policy API to configure networking, security and services
  • Advanced Network Services
    • IPv6 (L2, L3, BGP, FW)
    • ENS Support for Edge and DFW
    • VPN (L2, L3)
    • BGP Enhancements (allow-as in, multi-path-asn relax, iBGP support, Inter-SR routing)
  • Intrinsic Security
    • Identity Based FW
    • FQDN/URL whitelisting for DFW
    • L7 based application signatures for DFW
    • DFW operational enhancements
  • Cloud and Container Updates
    • NSX Containers (Scale, CentOS support, NCP 2.4 updates)
    • NSX Cloud (Shared NSX gateway placement in Transit VPC/VNET, VPN, N/S Service Insertion, Hybrid Overlay support, Horizon Cloud on Azure integration)
  • Platform Enhancements
    • Converged NSX Manager appliance with 3 node clustering support
    • Profile based installs, Reboot-less maintenance mode upgrades, in-place mode upgrades for vSphere Compute Clusters, n-VDS visualization, Traceflow support for centralized services like Edge Firewall, NAT, LB, VPN
    • v2T Migration: In-built UI wizards for “vDS to N-vDS” as well as “NSX-v to NSX-T” in-place migrations
    • Edge Platform: Proxy ARP support, Bare Metal: Multi-TEP support, In-band management, 25G Intel NIC support


Believe it or not, NSX-T is now mainstream! Whether you are dealing with existing NSX-v deployments and looking to migrate to NSX-T or looking to deploy NSX-T in greenfield environments, now is the time to get familiar with NSX-T.

If you are migrating from an existing NSX-v to T deployment, we have a Phase 1 of v2T migrator tool released now. There is a migration guide in the official documentation referenced below so do check it out.



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