A Guide to Livefire Registration

All Livefire events are by invitation only. To be invited to an upcoming session, please engage with your respective regional Technical Enablement Manager or Partner Business Manager. All other inquiries please email livefire@vmware.com.

This guide will take you step by step through the registration process after you have received an invitation.

Step 1

Use the registration link found in the body of the Livefire course invitation you received (Figure 1). After clicking it, you may receive a Security warning (Figure 1.b.), please click Allow.  You will then be directed to the myLearn portal.

Figure 1 – Livefire invitation
Figure 1.b. – Security Warning pop-up

Step 2

Login with your credentials and click Next (Figure 2). Please note that the email you register will be what we use in class for attendance and lab entry purposes where applicable. If you do not have an account, please create one.

Figure 2- myLearn Login

Step 3

You will be directed to the verification page (Figure 3). Please confirm all details displayed on the page and click Continue at the bottom.

Figure 3- Verification Page

Step 4

The next page will state that your seat is PENDING APPROVAL (Figure 4).  Please note you will only receive an email if a seat can be offered, no later than the date displayed (Figure 4).  You can check registration status by clicking myEnrollments (Figure 4.b.)

Figure 4 – Pending Approval

Figure 4.b. – Registration Status

Step 5

You will receive an email (Figure 5) once it has been determined there is a seat to offer you. Please browse to the link shown to affirm your seat. Then click Continue on the page displayed (Figure 5.b.).  Once this step is complete you will notice that the registration status of unconfirmed will no longer show (Figure 5.c.).

Figure 5 – Class Registration Notification

Figure 5.b. – Seat Affirmation

Figure 5.c. – Registration Status

Step 6

Once steps 1-5 are complete you will receive a confirmation email (Figure 6).  As a confirmed attendee you will receive reminders from the Livefire Program Management leading up to the date of the session.  However It is recommended to add this session to your calendar as shown below.

Figure 6 – Email Confirmation