Training in a 360 Video Environment

The EUC Livefire Team and I have recently been working on creating new immersive content using 360 Video. Read below for further details, or click the link your Alexa App. 

One of the challenges of creating digital content is how do you keep the viewer engaged. There is evidence to suggest that most attention spans drop off quite dramatically after the 6-9 minute mark when watching online training videos. With this in mind the team and I have explored the use of 360 video to provide a more engaging classroom like experience. We are very much in the pilot phase, and the content is currently available to internal VMware employees only, with access to Partners to come soon. 

If you would like to check out the content follow the links below, or after logging into VMware Learning Zone, search for course title. 

Course Title: vIDM Authentication Overview

Link –

Bal Birdy

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