NSX Livefire Alexa Skill and Alexa Flash Briefing

Amazon Alexa fans should be aware that there is a Livefire Alexa Skill and Flash Briefing available in the US, UK and beyond. Enable both from within the Alexa app.

What does the skill provide you with, I hear you ask?

Are you learning about NSX, are you prepping for your VCP-NV?

Do you want to receive further component level detail and information?

If the answer is yes to the above, then the Alexa Livefire Skill is for you. It was created by the Livefire team, as a method to provide additional support to our Partners and Customers, post a Livefire delivery. It has two core functions, firstly it allows you to query the skill for further information regarding component level information e.g. you can ask the skill to tell you about the NSX controllers, primary NSX manager etc. Or you can ask the skill to start the quiz.

The quiz is a great way to evaluate your NSX understanding. Each time you start the quiz Alexa will ask you ten questions from the pool of questions, and will then track your scores as your answer each question. This is a great fun way to evaluate your understanding, more so if you are preparing for the VCP-NV.

Finally, the flash briefing was created as a great way to get the message out to our attendees. If you add the flash briefing you’ll receive updates on any new blog articles and information that we publish. From within the Alexa app you’ll then see a URL link to the blog entry, which you can use to get further information.

Feel free to comment and let us know your thoughts and feedback.

Livefire Team

Bal Birdy

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