NSX-T 2.3 is out in the wild

I think this is a big one for VMware, NSX-T v2.3 has been released. For those not in the know, this is the latest multi-hypervisor version of VMware’s SDN Solution.

This version of NSX brings some great new features:

  • Support for Bare-Metal Hosts
  • NSX Cloud Enhancements (AWS Enhancements)
  • Security Services Support
    • Introducing Service Insertion at the Routing Tiers
    • Distributed Firewall Enhancements
    • Network and NSX Edge Services Support
    • User Interface Enhancements
  • Operations and Troubleshooting Support
  • Automation Support
  • NSX Container Plug-in (NCP) Support

Further information can be found here

Bal Birdy

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