Livefire Virtual Trainer: NSX Cloud

Another VLS On-Demand session I hear you say, it’s like London buses, you wait ages for some on-demand content and more than one comes in a short space of time! Well here it is, Olive, our virtual trainer, will present a session on NSX Cloud, which covers the native integration of NSX with public clouds like AWS and Azure. Wait, there’s more ….

We also have paired this with a lab simulation for you. The lab is a point and click guided walkthrough, so don’t expect a fully fledged production lab, similar to the experience you get when you attend one of our Livefire sessions, however it’s still quite good to complete and gains some experience. For those of you who attended Empower 2020, we delivered a number of these during our sessions, so it’s a similar experience.

Virtual Livefire Solutions: NSX Cloud

The Virtual Livefire Solutions: NSX Cloud session is a one-day event that covers networking and security solutions for tightly integrated application workloads running inside both the private Data Center and natively within the public cloud.

Click here to access both Olive’s virtual training and also the lab simulations.

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