Livefire Virtual Trainer: NSX-T and vRealize Automation

As the world enters the next era of the pandemic, accessing e-learning content is ever more important. At the end of 2020 we announced how the Livefire Team are using AI+ML and VR, to introduce a virtual trainer solution, which we fondly call Olive. Well our first e-learning offering is now available, via MyLearn, from the link below.

As part of our Virtual Livefire Solutions offerings, VLS or Virtual Wednesdays, we shall start to provide on-demand versions using Olive. Our in person offerings will still exist, but through this virtual trainer model we can provide and update content to you, in a more consistent manner, than through traditional video recordings.

Olive is a WebXR/WebGL based solution, as such you will need the latest version of Google Chrome, Firefox or Safari to access the content. If you have a popup blocker enabled you will need to deactivate this for the MyLearn links, as a new window will automatically open once you’ve completed registration for the course. This delivery format is still in BETA, so you may experience the occasional feature or glitch. Any feedback about the delivery format is welcome, so please do so in the comments below.

One final point, if this is the first time you are watching a session from Olive please watch the tutorial, there are a few key things that we highlight e.g. how to change the camera angle to zoom into the presentation, that are worth noting. During the tutorial there is no audio, so please do not be concerned if you do not hear anything at this stage.

Virtual Livefire Solutions: NSX-T Integration with vRealize Automation

The NSX-T and vRA session covers the automation and orchestration capabilities of NSX-T, and its integration with vRealize Automation Cloud. vRealize Automation allows us to consume NSX-T constructs, as part of blueprint definitions, to create repeatable deployment configurations. In addition, we can consume Policy API, through Action Based Extensibility, to deliver capabilities not delivered natively through vRA Cloud.

Click here to launch the VLS On-Demand Session: NSX-T Integration with vRealize Automation

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