Livefire On-Demand Content Update Q1 2022

All Livefire Alumni …. we’ve released some of our content from last year as on-demand content that you can now access. Details of these can be found below, and for a full list of all our content is available from the e-learning menu item.

Intrinsic Security Livefire: A New Approach on Protecting the Enterprise

VCF Livefire: Architecture & Automation

Virtual Cloud Networking: Virtual Cloud Networking Livefire

We’ll be releasing more content in our virtual trainer format throughout the year. For those of you whom English is not your first language, our virtual trainer can speak 19 different languages. She is an AI, so she’s better at some languages than others. We hope you enjoy the content, and we’ll be maturing our use of this new capability with time.

Bal Birdy

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