Beta Testers Wanted – Livefire Virtual Trainer Solution

UPDATE 05/01/2022 – Beta is now closed.

It’s been a bit quiet on the Livefire blog site recently, and that’s because the team have been franticly busy supporting Partners and getting new content ready for all our new product releases. One of the key projects we’ve been working on is our Virtual Trainer Solution. We first announced this in December 2020, and during the Q1 2021 we’ve been running a pilot. Well the results were positive.

Phase 1 Pilot Results

As you can see we hit our goals to demonstrate the solution has the potential to allow us to deliver content faster, cheaper and in lock step with the product releases. However, this wasn’t the complete solution, we didn’t fully deliver on our vision for a virtual classroom. We had built the space, but we weren’t utilising it, and this is what this next phase is about. Our goal was to support advanced level training, that is better suited to long form content, but leveraging interaction and engagement to support micro-learning based concepts. In Phase 2, we believe we have delivered on this vision with the introduction of the following:

Phase 2 Virtual Classroom
  • Ability to present content on the presentation, whiteboard and television spaces
  • Introduce simple gamification through a quiz style capability
  • Ability to automate the generation video output
  • Improved the accessibility and inclusion
  • and more …

We are now looking to for Livefire Alumni to help with evaluating and testing the solution. This is a great opportunity for you to see the latest and greatest in solutions leveraging AI+ML technologies. Furthermore, your feedback will help us further refine and develop the solution. The beta will take more than 60 mins, which includes watching content in both a virtual classroom format, video format, and finally, completing a survey. The solution is fully supported in VR, so I can

If you are interested in participating please reach out to

Note: Don’t worry if English is not your first language, the tool can present in over 19 languages, and we specifically would like to test with Alumni from the APJ region!

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