Livefire Virtual Trainer: NSX-T Foundations

Can you believe we are already into March 2021? The Livefire team are busy developing our new offerings, which will shift from foundational topics to more solution centric integrations. To achieve this we archived off our NSX-T enablement offerings that we delivered in 2020, but we didn’t want to leave you without some form of on-demand access to this content.

With this in mind, Olive, the Livefire Virtual Trainer, will deliver three modules from our 2020 offerings, focusing specifically around Platform Architecture, Switching and Routing. This will form some of the pre-requisite content for our 2021 sessions and beyond, but if you have already attended our sessions they are great refreshers modules. All content is now accessible via VMware Customer Connect Learning, links are available in the e-Learning section.

Llivefire Virtual Trainer: NSX-T Foundations

This course covers the foundational topics regarding NSX-T and consists of three modules. In Module 1 we shall discuss the overall platform architecture and positioning, as well as a recap of Policy API. In Module 2 we shall review the switching and overlay technologies, as well as the vSphere 7 VDS based approach for NSX-T. In our final module, we shall review the routing capabilities of NSX-T, as well as highlighting some of the key additional networking services the product provides. 

Click here to access both Olive’s virtual training and also the lab simulations.

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