On-Demand Livefire Q3 Update – Digital Work Space Livefire – Horizon Integration

Good Day Livefire Alumni,

We have released another on-demand course that you can now access. Details are below. 
Digital Workspace Livefire- Horizon Integration On-Demand Series

On-Demand Livefire content is delivered in a combination of Virtual Trainer, Video, or PDFs. 

As we conduct our live classes, which keep you up to date with latest advancements,  we will also move our ever evolving content to the Virtual Trainer format so that you have the benefit of both:

  • If you attend live classes, you will have real time discussions with solutions experts (and labs) about “the latest and greatest”, and can get your burning questions answered.
  • If you go the on-demand route, you have access to a virtual trainer who can present in one of 19 languages. (Note: She is an AI, so she’s better at some languages than others.) Thought there are presently no labs in the on-demand classes, this is still a great way to learn fresh or review on your own time, perhaps in preparation for a live class.

With our pipeline of live classes  combined with on-demand offerings, we aim to help your ability to learn 24/7 regardless of time zone.
Be sure to check out our full list of on-demand content here: On-Demand Livefire – VMware

 We hope you enjoy the content as we mature our use of this new capability.

Hans Bernhardt

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