NSX Architecture and Design

NSX Livefire Architecture & Design is one part of a broader offering developed specifically to assist VMware partners in building an NSX-based Professional Services practice. Delivered by the VMware Livefire Solutions and Services team, this course is intended to equip attendees with the knowledge and skills necessary to successfully architect and design complex NSX environments. The course takes a design-centric approach whereby students evaluate several scenarios and associated considerations and design decisions. NSX Livefire Architecture and Design accelerates partner readiness by increasing confidence and competence through completing scenario-based design sessions.

Olive is a chatbot design to support attendees throughout the NSX Architecture and Design Livefire course. You can talk to Olive by using the chat window that is available in the bottom right corner of this page.

Olive has been setup to respond the following queries:

  • Provide details of the workshop scenario
  • Answer questions around Business, Technical and Security Requirements
  • Answer questions regarding SLAs, RTO and RPO, RTT between Sites
  • Network Design
  • To provide a personality the default small talk capability has been enabled, and details of the NSX Team can be answered