A huge THANK YOU to everyone who attended one or more of these sessions, we appreciate your participation and feedback! If you missed it please access the recordings below.

Livefire Launch took place the week of April 27th. It was an opportunity for Livefire attendees, both past and future, to not only get information about our upcoming classes and focus areas, but also to gain valuable solution-based technical learning. Each two-hour session was focus on a different VMware Strategic Solution aligned to our customer’s most pressing needs. We used a variety of electronic delivery formats to present a rich learning experience, and attendees had an opportunity to comment on these new formats and provide valuable feedback to the Livefire team. These sessions featured a technical demo taken straight from the labs attendees will have access to in 2020.

Goals of Livefire Launch

  • Technical enablement and demo on a solution area,  aligned to VMWare’s FY21 Priorities
  • How Livefire builds on VMware product-based training
  • Better understanding of the Livefire approach and methodology
  • Showcase the unique modalities we are delivering enablement virtually (Alexa Sumerian, Real-Time Closed Caption Language Translations)in the wake of Coronavirus/COVID-19
  • How to get more information on Livefire Solutions and when to reach out to your CoE Manager (Internally), or your partner team (externally) 

 Over the last 10 years, VMware has transformed from the market leader in server virtualization technologies into the market leader in Hybrid Cloud, Multi-Cloud, Digital Workspace and Software Defined Networking and Security services.

 As our portfolio has grown, our professionals, both internal and in our vibrant ever-growing partner community have pushed the boundaries of what is possible with our products and services, and in turn have been transformed into multi discipline providers of technical solutions.

 To help enable this transformation, the Livefire team was formed in 2012.  Our remit is to build classes focused on creating integrated solutions utilizing both native functionality and leveraging APIs and third-party services where appropriate.  Our attendees represent some of the best product specialists both internally and from our partner community.  Our goal is to help transform them into solution specialists. 

 The Livefire 2020/21 portfolio of classes will offer deep learning across our latest product and service offerings and present several integrated solutions that can help our customers get the best out of their technology investments.

Multi-Cloud Livefire – Advanced Integration

Run Modern Applications on vSphere 7 with Kubernetes

NSX-T Livefire – Virtual Launch

Threat Remediation with Carbon Black and Workspace ONE