Sandra Longoria-Garcia

Staff Program Manager – Livefire Solutions

Sandie is the Staff Program Manager for all of Livefire (Cloud Networking and Security, End User Computing, and Multi-Cloud).  She brings her unique style and attention to detail on the development side of the house.  Sandie has defined the process and metrics for Livefire delivery and works closely with the Enablement Operations Program Coordinator to ensure successful completion of end to end support.  She also focuses on some other areas within Livefire such as scheduling, marketing and special projects. Sandie first joined VMware as a contractor in June of 2014 and became an employee in February of 2016, bringing 20 years of experience supporting global enablement programs. 

In the rare moments she’s not working on all things Livefire, she enjoys spending time with her husband, son, daughter and parents at their family homestead Double Creek Ranch in Jacksonville, Texas.  She also cares for a “small zoo” of pets (9 dogs, and 2 cats); now that she lives on a ranch expect the number of animals to increase!