VCF Livefire: Infrastructure and Automation

Livefire Solutions, Advanced Technical Enablement


Delivered by the VMware by Broadcom Livefire Solutions Team, the VCF Livefire: Infrastructure and Automation course has been designed to help technical audiences build confidence and hands-on experience around VMware by Broadcom’s datacenter Cloud Solution and Services. This class exposes an individual to the broad base of challenges one might face with VMware by Broadcom’s unique cloud Design and Operations concepts. Learning objectives are met using deep-dive labs, expert to expert discussions, and experience-based knowledge sharing.

  • Virtual Infrastructure Engineers
  • BCDR Specialists
  • Application Migration SREs
  • Network and Data Center Architects
  • AWS Cloud Practitioner, Solutions Architects, DevOps Engineers
  • Instructor-led, classroom-based
  • 40% lecture, 60% hands on labs

Five (5) days of instructor-led classroom training



  • vSphere ICM/OSS or equivalent experience
  • NSX ICM or equivalent experience
  • vSAN ICM or equivalent experience
  • VCF DCM or equivalent experience
  • Aria Automation ICM or equivalent experience

This course is being offered by invitation only to VMware by Broadcom partners and internal customer-facing employees. Roadmap topics may be discussed; therefore, a signed NDA is required.

  • Have a full-size laptop.
  • Secondary device is recommended for reading and lab materials, which are only delivered electronically.
  • Please ensure you have the US Keyboard mapping added to your devices.
Course Overview

The VCF Livefire: Infrastructure and Automation course aims to prepare VMware by Broadcom customer-facing technical Consultants, Engineers, and Architects to successfully execute a VCF Infrastructure Deployment and advanced configuration.  Course material challenges the attendees to use design decisions, automation techniques, and best practices in the building and delivering of the infrastructure.

The class includes discussions, and deep dive labs to provide key insights into the day to day operation and automation of an enterprise VCF infrastructure, Day 2 deployment and management experience.

Course Outcomes

By the end of the course, you will be able to meet the following outcomes:

  • Automation technique insights.
  • Use Aria Suite to provide key Day 2 and onwards automation.
  • Customize and configure Aria Automation for your customers business requirements.
  • Develop a migration strategy tailored to your customers needs.
  • Evaluate the success of your migration and test your application.
  • Design and Deploy an NSX Federation infrastructure.
  • Design and Deploy a Site Recovery Manager infrastructure.
  • Elevate your skills with deep insight of VCF networking with NSX.
Agenda Topics

The course will focus on the following areas:

  • VCF Practical Overview
    • Use cases
  • VCF Health Reporting and Monitoring
    • Using the SoS utility
    • Integration to VCF Operations
  • Practical Day 2 Aria Automation and Orchestration
    • Examples of reusable infrastructure as code
    • Operational templates
  • Stretched Cluster Design and Deployment
    • Discussion of disaster avoidance vs. disaster recovery
    • VCF stretch cluster design considerations
    • VCF stretch cluster deployment
  • Workload migration readiness
    • Discussion of supported migration techniques
    • Performing both hot and cold workload migrations
  • NSX Federation
    • Practical use cases
    • Automated configuration with Python
  • Site Recovery Manager
    • Use cases
    • Configuration, and Disaster Recovery Run Book creation
    • Disaster Recovery test
  • VCF Networking Design (NSX) with live workshop
    • VCF Architecture and deployment models, NSX Domain design, vSphere Cluster design, and Edge design