Modern Applications Livefire: Design

Livefire Solutions, Global Strategic Programs


Delivered by the VMware Livefire Solutions Team, the Modern Applications Livefire: Design course is created to help technical audiences build confidence and hands-on experience around VMware Modern Application products and Services, including the Tanzu portfolio. This Livefire course empowers technical professionals to focus on an Application/Platform Developer solution and exposes the learner to Modern application design concepts. Learning objectives are met using deep-dive labs, expert to expert discussions, and experience-based knowledge sharing.

  • Cloud Native Platform Architects
  • Network and Data Center Architects
  • Instructor-led, classroom-based
  • 40% lecture, 60% hands on lab

Four (4) days of instructor-led classroom training


Highly Recommended:

  • Broad knowledge of DevOps
  • Modern Apps development
  • Experience in K8s fundamentals

This course is being offered by invitation only to VMware SI/SO, MSC and Ignite partners, along with internal customer-facing employees. Roadmap topics may be discussed; therefore, a signed NDA is required.

  • Have a full-size laptop.
  • Secondary device is recommended for reading and lab materials, which are only delivered electronically.
  • Please ensure you have the US Keyboard mapping added to your devices.
Course Overview

The Modern Applications Livefire: Design course focuses on helping VMware customer-facing technical Consultants, Engineers, Architects, and Partners to build application services practices, so they can meet demanding customer needs, unlock new opportunities, and make their business future-proof. 

Tanzu Application Platform provides a superior multi-cloud developer experience on Kubernetes. The three main goals are to: unlock developer productivity, build rapid yet sustainable path-to-production and coordinate the work of dev and ops.

Bringing it all together, you can install Tanzu Application Platform (TAP) on workload clusters created by Tanzu Kubernetes Grid (TKG), use TAP to deploy apps to those clusters, and manage the TAP-deployed applications with Tanzu CLI and its Context-aware API-driven Plugins.

The class covers use cases on how you can build great software faster and simplify software production using Tanzu Application Platform.

Course Objectives

By the end of the course, you will be able to:

  • Get experience into installing TKG, TAP and work with packages.
  • Gain insight into how Tanzu CLI leverages context-aware API-driven plugins.
  • Explore how TAP helps deliver software faster, on a sustainable path-to-production, and coordinate the work of Dev and Ops.
Agenda Topics

The course will focus on the following areas:

  • Alignment with ClusterAPI model;
  • Hands on with Tanzu CLI , processing Tanzu infrastructure elements under one unified core CLI experience;
  • Installing TKG and get experience with packaging techniques
  • Crafting TAP install on TKG clusters;
  • Explore the TAP components, such as: Dev Tooling, App Accelerators, Supply Chain Choreographer, App Live View, Security (Scan, Sign, Store), Conventions, Automated Deployments and Cloud Native Runtimes;
  • Put TAP in action by using the TAP components