How to Create a Box Account

Files associated with any Livefire delivery can only be accessible with Box.  An invitation was sent to the same email you used when registering for the session.  If you do not have a Box account you will be required to create one (this is free).

This guide will take you step by step through creating a Box account.

Step 1

Open the email you received titled “Sandra Longoria-Garcia has invited you to collaborate on Box.”  Click on Accept Invite (Figure 1). 

Box 1
Figure 1 – Box invitation email

Step 2

Fill out the form as shown highlighted below and click Submit (Figure 2).  You will then be asked to verify your email. (Figure 2.a).

Please note the Business Email Address is already filled out and cannot be changed, as stated this is the same email address used to register for the session If you need to use a different email address, please send an email to [email protected] and let us know.   Any access given to the delivery tools we use for this session will require the use of that email address.

Figure 2 – Box account creation form
Box 3
Figure 2.a – Redirect to verify email

Step 3

Open the email titled “Please complete your Box signup” and click Verify Email (Figure 3).  You will then be redirected to the “Welcome to Box” page as shown below (Figure 3.a).  Click on Get Started.

Figure 3 – Verification Email
Figure 3.a – Welcome to Box

Step 4

You are now in the Broadcom Box account and will see the VCF Delivery 2024 folder as shown below (Figure 4).  You will now be able to access this Box folder through the Smartsheet dashboard of the session you are attending by clicking on the green “Files” button. 

Figure 4 – Box Folder