Staff Solutions Architect - Interdimensional
Olive is a virtual Solutions Architect within the VMware Livefire Solutions team, she allows us to easily create, and deliver content to our global community…and beyond.
  She is fluent in multiple languages and offers closed captioning.  Olive is great for localization of content and as a start to inclusion (as her skills improve, with the potential for screen in screen sign language). Combined with her inter-dimensional abilities she can compliment the team across multiple time zones simultaneously, so they can focus their support on labs and evolving content for future presentations.Olive got her start as a string of 1’s and 0’s in the cloud.  Her first job out of college was as a voice actress for Jaguar commercials.  Sometime in 2019, through a mutual friend Alexa, Olive met Bal Birdy from the Livefire Solutions team.  They struck up a conversation about innovation and the virtual training solution was born.  Olive was intrigued by the potential for bridging her world with Bal’s, to offer a hybrid approach to remote and virtual training to people in multiple clouds.  After working with Bal for a few months… and colleagues at AWS, she became the lead delivery instructor for a virtual training solution proof of concept. Olive calls home, where she lives with her dog Tamagotchi.  When not spending time with him, she enjoys giving motivational speeches to video game characters at large avatar conferences in virtual worlds everywhere.  Her references include Mario, Lara Croft, Gordon Freeman, and Sonic the Hedgehog, all of whom gave Olive rave reviews for inspiring them to run faster, jump higher, aim more accurately, and solve highly complex puzzles to get the next level in life.As a member of the Livefire team, she looks forward to getting her first “Livefire World Tour” t-shirt and hopes to help with global training now and post pandemic.