EUC Architecture & Design

At a Glance

EUC Architecture and Design Workshop is developed for VMware staff and partners to equip them with the knowledge and skills to successfully follow through on a solutions based approach to design rather than a product approach. Part of this session will expose the participant to the broad base of product that a final EUC solution might entail, specifically using the Workspace ONE platform as part of the final solution.

Anyone attending the sessions will receive EUC based Architectural guidance from the Workspace ONE product stack in the morning. Afternoons will focus on understanding the individual phases of a VCDX based design methodology. Participants will then get the opportunity to put this into practice using a Case Study.

Course Details

Attendees are given Architectural Guidance on how to align Business drivers with technical requirements using Workspace One Enterprise as a platform. Rather than focus on product/s, participants are taught a solutions focused approach to design.

The attendees are given a detailed case study document including:

  • Customer Requirements.
  • Business drivers.
  • User Experience requirements.
  • Technical requirements.

The exercises are aimed at facilitating an understanding of the relevance of each design phase in the design cycle

  • Participants will appreciate how the User Experience is a core objective in the cycle.
  • Participants will learn how to translate Business drivers into a solution that will drive the organisation forward into the Digital Workspace.
  • Participants will be given the opportunity to see the value of communication and collaboration as a team in a full design cycle.
  • Teams will be expected to defend their design decisions from a Manageability, Security, Performance, Recoverability and Availability perspective.